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Hawker Stalls I iswariya September 24, 2012 121
Too much of something is always a bad thing
(Updated: March 06, 2013)
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I have a love hate relationship with nasi lemak — I love it today, hate it tomorrow. What would determine a nasi lemak’s standard in my heart is definitely the chicken wings, rice and ikan bilis. The first bite into the chicken wing won me over immediately. The crisp texture was not sickeningly oily like plenty which are overfried.

The rice was fragrant and well done. The taste and crisp of the ikan bilis befitted the aroma as well. I usually skip the otah as I am not fond of its overpowering taste.

Personally I have no experience with the crowds but have heard from my father that the waiting time gets ridiculously long. Our family has gone through a Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak phase, so much so that I have gotten extremely sick of it now.
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