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Spicy... But I want more and more!
(Updated: October 11, 2012)
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I have been patronising Alsalam Restaurant for a few years already. The quality of food is always up to my expectation, no matter what time of the day I visit.

Having prata or thosai for breakfast will always make me crave for it almost everyday. Especially with their fish curry. Their "gosong" (plain) prata, is crispy on the outside and of the right hardness (if this is how you call it) which makes it really chewy. I like their egg prata as well. Sometimes, the egg will be concentrated to only part of the prata. But that will means I get to have both soft egg and the crispy part!

One particualr dish which in my opnion, is a must-try, is their seafood fried rice. It is quite spicy and sometimes, it gets so spicy that I felt burning sensation in my stomach. Well, you know, the feeling when you eat Tom Yum. Furthermore, their portion is larger than usual, making it more worth it.

Do note that their prata can be a little too oily. Drink their ginger tea and it will balance it off! (well, psychologically) Their ice-blend may be on the high end of $3, but it is really a big cup and will really help "put out the fire" in our mouth!

I have visited it numerous times for a late night supper. And because many do that too, you may not get a windy seat outside of the stall. I would advise waiting for the seats outside as the air in the shop can be too stuffy and oily. Since it is open 24/7, it is a good place for a chatting with family and friends till the wee hours and enjoying their delicious food.
Do try it our and I promise you will be back for more (like how I am attracted back everytime)!

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Seafood fried rice
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