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A corner stall located at Block 925 in a coffee shop in Yishun, this stall should not be foreign to the north-dwellers. Although Block 925 do humbly boasts of other delectable food like the prawn noodle, each time I choose to eat at 925, I cannot resist ordering the chicken rice!

There is, most often than not, always a queue for the chicken rice, but I never had to line up for more than 10 minutes to order since they are always efficient. Once they have taken your order, you just have to keep the receipt and they will serve the food to you within 5 minutes.

They only have white chicken rice (my favourite!) I usually order the bigger serving because it is really that good - the cheaper option is definitely not enough to satisfy. Even my best friend who eats really little can finish the big plate! One of the best thing of 925 chicken rice is that the chicken is served in a different plate from the rice, garnished with pickles and cucumbers and drizzled with a generous amount of sauce. I like them separated so the rice doesn't get soggy from the sauce. The chicken, of course are always tender and delicious, I always feel that a plateful is not enough!

925 chicken rice is always the one thing I never fail to suggest when my non-north-dweller friends ask for recommendations for good food in the north. If you haven't tried it yet, you are really missing out. I personally feel that it is equivalent in standard to Boon Tong Kee, and it is so much more friendly on the pocket!

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Soft and tender chicken.
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