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I've only been to Zam Zam once but it has made a very good first impression for me. My boyfriend brought me there to try, he said, arguably Singapore's best Murtabak. There were plenty of seats to settle down and have a nice meal. However, I have to say that there are so many seats there that it makes it difficult to leave your seat without bumping into the person seated behind you.

I noticed was that the floor, walls and table were quite oily. Also, it was relatively noisy because it's an enclosed area. I would not suggest Zam Zam to people who seek peace and quiet when they dine.

The waiter was very warm and friendly. He asked for our orders with a bright smile and even cracked some jokes along the way. However, he seated a group of 6 or 7 right next to us on the same long table without checking if we were okay with it. There were plenty of other tables that wasn't taken that could easily seat a table of 8.

The food took quite a while to be served but the Mutton Murtabak was worth the wait. The huge Murtabak was already cut up into bite size portions. The fillings of the Murtabak was still warm and there were so much that it couldn't be contained within the wrap. The wrap was crispy and the spiciness of the accompanying curry was just right. I would definitely go back to try their Murtabak again.

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Mutton Murtabak
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