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Hawker Restaurants P poppy April 20, 2012 795
Best yam balls ever!!!!
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There are two dim sum places that I visit regularly - Swee Choon and 126. They are both good at what they do and have dishes that they do best. For 126, I highly recommend the yam balls and porridge on top of the standard dim sum must-haves such as har gaus and siew mais. The ambience here is rather noisy and dark (you will most likely be seated outdoor beside the road during peak hour/ supper time). The waiters are not the friendliest one around so just quickly write down the number code of the dishes you want and hand it to them at the shopfront instead of waiting for them to come around. Portion of the drinks are huge so it would be better to share.

Onto the fried yam balls... these are the best I've ever eaten. I've eaten few yam balls but I don't think anywhere else can do it better than 126!! It's always served piping hot. It's so so crispy on the outside and when you get into the middle of the ball, there is a savoury meat filling that complements the yam ball so well... You will not be able to stop at one. I usually have 2-3 at one go and I have to stop myself otherwise I would develop a sore throat the next day for sure. The porridge here is smooth and silky, it has a close resemblance to the Cantonese style porridge. It's simple fare but not many places can do it as well as them. Prices are really affordable as well. Highly recommend for dim sum and supper!!!!

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