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Hawker Restaurants P poppy April 20, 2012 785
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I have never loved another dim sum place more.

I thought Crystal Jade was king till I came here.

I was on my xiao long bao phase and I ended up here thanks to a darling friend who offered to drive me there. And it was the happiest night ever.

There was a queue but we waited patiently and we were checking out the menu and decided we had to have everything so we did!

We waited for about 20 minutes and subsequently ordered everything small on the menu. Xiao long baos and custard buns and siewmais and everything but the porridge. Which is a shame now that I think about it.

And it arrived so quickly (thank you god).

The xiao long baos were better than Crystal Jade's. The siewmai were better than Swee Choon's. Everything here feels like they're on a competition to be better than their dim sum counterparts and GUESS WHO WON!

Their drinks portion are huge for a above average price but it is absolutely necessary. The food's great, the drinks' are just nice, my god this place is where I would live in if I knew they wouldn't throw me out.

I will be back one day.

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The food oh god the food
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