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Hawker Restaurants P poppy April 20, 2012 795
Cheapest dim sum but small servings and poor service
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Many of my friends visit this place for supper and rave about it being affordable yet delicious. Being a foodie, I definitely had to visit this place.

I went down on a Saturday afternoon with a friend for a late brunch. It was about 2 pm and the place was packed and with a long queue. We spent about 30-45 minutes queuing up under the hot afternoon sun. While queuing, we had a lot of time to watch the staff and we realised that they reuse the plastic bowls that they serve drinks in. eeeewww... First of all, serving drinks in plastic bowls just doesn't feel right. Secondly, they are just plastic bowls! Just throw them away once the customers are done with it! Thirdly, perhaps it is the way they were dumped into a pail containing some sort of liquid at the front of the shop. It just doesn't feel very hygienic.

Anyway, when we were finally seated, they lacked menus to hand to us. A family at a neighbouring table kindly handed us the menu after they had decided what to order.

Ordering was a pain as well, we were desperately trying to get their attention while the staff kept rushing about.

The food was so-so, sizes were small, probably to accommodate the low pricing of the food, and the walls and air-conditioner were old and slightly dirty.

My friend claims that I did not order the right dishes but taking into consideration the settings of the place, the poor service and the slightly unhygienic vibe the place gave me, I doubt I will ever head back again.
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