Sik Wai Sin

A November 29, 2012
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Sik Wai Sin

Sik Wai Sin sells a mean zhi char, specializing in the dishes they serve up. Their signature dishes are salted fish and pork, beef and kailan and prawn and tofu. 


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Sik Wai Sin is easily noticeable (especially during dinner time) due to the amount of people waiting for tables outside. The unflattering interior could leave one wondering about its allure, but one meal here would guarantee a changed impression.

My parents have lamented about the drop in standard over the years, but personally I still find my visits here satisfactory. The signature dishes that are a must-order for me are the tofu and prawns, beef kai lan and salted fish. I am not exactly a fan of fish but the savoury sauce of the fish is good enough to eat with just rice alone!

The weird part about this eatery is how it copes with the crowd — they would only start preparing your orders if they hit a minimum quota of each dish. This actually leads to a longer waiting time, but when you are at the receiving end, I guess there is nothing to do but patiently await for the delights to be served.

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