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Hawker Restaurants J jeremy November 02, 2012 532
Ok if you can wait
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Unless you visit this place at odd hours, be prepared for a long wait. This is attributed to the seemingly long preparation time, huge crowds, but also slow service. In the few times that I have gone to this place, I am not able to count the number of times staff has ignored customers looking to order etc...

The steamboat itself is quite good, soup is tasty, ingredients are fresh. You can also get the experience of having a traditional charcoal steamboat for a meal here for a reasonable price. However, my favourite items are the tze char dishes, the prawn paste chicken and the stir fried vegetables. They are of quite a high standard, albeit being slightly expensive compared to what you would get at a coffee shop. On a side note, the steamboat soup is laden with MSG which may make you feel thirsty after the meal.

The ambience is very noisy and the lack of proper ventilation of the smoke from the charcoal steamboat means that the place can be rather smoky, and is not the most conducive place for a nice quiet meal. Overall, the eatery is of an average standard
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