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Hawker Restaurants M meng-kang December 16, 2013 384
Going downhill
(Updated: December 20, 2013)
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If I'd been writing this review for Mr Chicken Rice three years ago, I would probably have awarded the store a 4.5/5 rating. Sadly, Mr Chicken Rice's hey-days are long over, and while I do still visit the store pretty regularly, it's really more for convenience's sake than anything.

I used to detest chicken rice when I was younger, and it'd been Mr Chicken Rice that had changed my entire perception of the local dish. A few years ago, the chicken at Mr Chicken Rice was absolutely fresh and succulent, topped off with amazing sauce that made me crave for more.

However, the store seems to have lost its touch in recent years. The chicken is definitely no longer as fresh as it used to be, and on the odd occasions, my plate of chicken may actually turn out cold. Their portion of chicken has certainly shrunk, but at least the serving is sufficient.

As for service, the entire store seems to have taken on a pretty aloof atmosphere, and on the days when I go in at odd timings like 3pm or 8pm, I can actually hear the owner of the store berating his staff.

Overall, the quality at Mr Chicken Rice has definitely dipped over the years. That said, the taste of their chicken rice remains above average, and it's certainly one of the cheapest dining options you'll find at Downtown East.
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