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Hawker Restaurants D david-tan January 27, 2013 605
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Chicken Rice has always been a favourite of mine since a very tender age. How could anyone not love the rich flavours that is present in this very local favourite? I've known quite a few good chicken rice places around my area (and slightly out) so that I know where to go when I need a chick-fix.

Whenever I pass by Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice in the evening, the place is always packed and with a line waiting to be seated. I wondered how much better their chicken rice can be than the rest I've tried. I dined there once to find out and never really thought of going back. Their chicken rice is ordinary I guess, nothing special to me. It's not bad, but not extraordinarily good. It is a close competition amongst Singapore's best chicken rice, as chefs try to perfect this famous dish. I'm just happy to eat a good plate of chicken rice, preferably without having to queue for a long time.

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