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Hawker Restaurants M mapyoursoul May 13, 2012 380
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I find that the teochew bak kut teh sold by this shop is actually quite decent, but I have definitely had better bak kut teh in other places of a better pricing. The soup's balance of spices and the white pepper is not very good, and I tasted too much pepper to be able to make out the taste of the pork ribs in the soup. While some credit should be given for tender pork ribs, the other dishes such as salted vegetables and braised beancurd skin were not very spectacular, and the organs boiled in soup were not very well cleaned and had a porky smell.

The food sold here is also very expensive to me and is not really worth the buy. Service is acceptable, and the seating is one of those old coffee shop settings, which is one of the shop's only plus points. If you want to eat here, go in the morning and you can dodge the queue, as I find that having to queuing up for this bak kut teh is not that worth it.

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