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Hawker Restaurants I iswariya September 24, 2012 812
Same same but different
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I don't know if its me or if their laksa tastes just like any other stall. No doubt it has a very flavourful taste that leaves you craving for more, but it is really not worth the price. $4/$5 for a small bowl that will leave you 1/2 full and because they are usually quite crowded, you have to leave as soon as you finish your food so that other people will have space to sit. Not the place you should go to if you're going to chill out.

Besides, one can find similar tasting laksa in any local hawker centre or foodcourt. Not that 328 Katong Laksa tastes horrible, but since they pride themselves on being the origin of laksa, I expected more from them.

I would eat there maybe once in awhile, upon request of my friends who really want to try the original laksa, but I would not be the one who suggests the place. Once is enough!
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