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Hawker Centres K kremekitten May 25, 2014 660
All the Famous Local Delights!!
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One of the Most Convenient Hawker Centre!!!
Famous hawker centre are always located at the extreme east or north of Singapore but hey, Zion Riverside Food Centre is located in the central part of Singapore! So convenient for foreigners or Singaporean to visit if they are in Orchard district, just hop on to bus 5, 16,195 and alight 2-3 stops. Likewise, come to this hawker to try all their famous food such as carrot cake and the no 18 fried kway teow. (You can see queues forming before you enter the hawker centre!) – reviews for this is available too! You can check it out :)

I just found out one more food that taste great in this hawker centre! Their bbq chicken wing! Melts. This taste so much better than the one that I tried at Changi Village, the meat is so tender and the uncle brushes it with lots of honey. Sweet yet juicy at the same time. Their hainanese chicken rice isn’t that oily too. All good food in one place. Yumzz. Always end my meal with sugarcane drinks, and this is how my family eat when we have a craving for local food.

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