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Hawker Centres R raion October 11, 2012 185
Hokkien Mee worth the wait!
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Located conveniently for residents of Tampines, it is always in a hustle and bustle every night, full of hungry people eagerly waiting for and savouring their food. Despite strong competion from few other Indian, vegetarain and coffee houses, this eating house is always a top choice not only for me, and also my friends who live nearby.

One of the dishes that is my top favourite is their Hokkien Mee, together with their carrot cake. At about $4 for a small plate, and long waiting line, the orders has never once stop whenever I am there. Queue waiting for takeaway and invisible queue from customers waiting at their seats are prevalent especially from 8pm to about 10pm. So what's so good about it? First, they are served steaming fresh and hot, the sauce is slightly gooey (if this is the word for it) and the best part, squeeze a liitle of lime and mixed with their red chilli blend. It taste just as awesome as any Hokkien Mee you can try in top notch resaurant. I can guarantee that. (:

Most stalls are worth trying except for one - the stall selling ramen. Their ramen are in really small portion and expensive. Furthermore, it does not excite my taste buds at all. It is either too bland or too salty sometimes. Their sign board looks really attractive, so do not be bluff by it. You do not get what is shown at all.

The large crowd sometimes can be a little annoying when you cannot get seats. In addition, the noise level can be quite high. But it is good to experience the hustle and bustle in a neighbourhood where everyone can come together and savour tasty food. Especially when you have friends living nearby (it is a big resident area!) , you may see them sometimes and have a good short chat!

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Hokkien Mee
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