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Hawker Centres R raion October 25, 2012 662
Spacious, and a lot of variety!
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Being a north-dweller, I seldom have the chance to travel to Tiong Bahru. However, this place is just a stone throw away from my office, so I have had many chances to try out the food there!

Many stalls in Tiong Bahru Market are famous for their delectable dishes. I've tried the famed Tiong Bahru Curry Rice, which always boasts a long queue during lunch hour, and it indeed lives up to its reputation! The curry is indeed delicious on the rice. I have it almost all the time when we lunch there.

Other than that, I've also tried the fish soup stall next to it and the chicken rice a few stalls down. Both are pretty average hawker standard though. There are still many stalls to try, but I will wait till I get sick of the curry rice.

Also, although it gets crowded during lunch hours, because the hawker centre is so spacious, you can always get a seat almost instantly. However, food-wise it might take some time. If you are adventurous and looking for good food to try there, follow the crowd. Some stalls are evidently more famous than the others, as you are sure to find out.

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Tiong Bahru Curry Rice
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