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Hawker Centres M malyanah July 04, 2012 628
A rest stop
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Located conveniently between park connectors, it is a common landmark cyclists pass by on their way to East Coast Park. Whenever I am cycling to East Coast Park, it has become a rest stop for my friends and I to get drink or to just grab a bite.

There are not much people around during the day so the surrounding is generally quieter and we get to have alot of spaces to ourselves! Due to small flow of customers in the day, the tendors tend to come forward and recommend their dishes to whoever walk pass their stalls. It is especially prevalent to stalls just beside the walkway. So you can get "grab" once you enter the centre. It made me feel a little uncomfortable sometimes when I have to reject their kind offers. Well, it is our consumers' rights to decline, so we do have to be brave enough or we will have to settle with something we are not looking for! At least it's a good thing for us tired cyclists (a little lazy) to conveniently order drinks!

I think the price of the food is considered a slightly on the high-end considering the food we get. The average portion is quite little and I felt that there is nothing special or outstanding. I will not have my meals there unless neccessary. It is just a convenient rest stop for me.
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