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Hawker Centres D dawntillmidnight April 22, 2012 1758
Long queues for popular stalls
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The Old Airport Road Food Centre has a number of the most famous food stalls around, such as the lao ban soya beancurd stall. Located close to the MRT, it is not difficult to access although it does require a little bit of walking.

Although the ambience is not really there as the place always seems dark and gloomy every time I visit, the popular stalls can be instantly identified by the exceptionally long queues and that somehow creates more of a lively atmosphere for me. However, I am quite reluctant to queue for food as I prefer to get normal quality in a quicker time than wait for something slightly better. I queued for lao ban at my friend’s recommendations and was disappointed as I did not like the “silky” texture and it was too sweet for my taste. I decided to buy from a regular stall with no customers at that time and it still tasted alright to me.

I think most of the food stalls there have a certain quality and standard already, so if you do not really want to queue a long time for food, even buying from regular stalls will not give you something of bad quality.

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