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A hawker paradise
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i used to work at the vicinity of Mountbatten, and often would visit Old Airport Road during lunch time. Despite its ample number of tables and chairs, during the lunch crowd, it still takes some effort to snatch a table. The place is well-known by many locals as one of the best hawker centre in Singapore, which explains the crowd that may gather at this hawker paradise during rush hour.

There is an extraordinaire number of popular and food-award-winning stalls under the same roof of Blk 51. While most hawker centres in Singapore only boasts of one or two renowned stalls in one setting, Old Airport Road is easily home to more than just a handful.

One stall which entertains a long queue every single afternoon without fail would be the Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee. I've never had the time to have it during lunch hours because it is simply too long a wait. The fish soup stall also boasts of a long queue each afternoon, albeit not as long, and it would usually satisfy my lunch hour craving. There are also two prawn noodle stall just a stall or two from each other and are both very popular as well. I personally love to eat the curry rice with fish fillet from Jack's Kitchen as well. Usually, my friends and I would order a plate of oyster egg to share too, and they taste awesome.

Also, for dessert, have a bowl of delicious Lao Ban Tau Huay! In Old Airport Road hawker itself, there are already two stalls under this brand, and it still gets sold out each day without fail. Fathom the popularity!

There is also this confectionery stall in the corner which sells handmade hotdog buns and egg tarts. I especially love the hotdog buns there and would never fail to buy one back each afternoon for tea break! The buns are handmade and are sweet and flavorful on its own, unlike those normal buns from the usual confectioneries outside. They are made on the spot to ensure freshness too!

All in all, Old Airport Road hawker is a great hawker paradise. For all food-lovers, I'm sure you can brave the sweltering weather in Singapore to taste some of the delicious food Blk 51 has to offer!

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