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Hawker Centres D dawntillmidnight April 22, 2012 1821
Looking for some good food? Here's the place to go!
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Many locals would know of this place as the place which sells the famous Lao Ban dau huey, also known as bean curd, but how many would know about the real treasures in this place?

Serving a large variety of food, one can choose from eating snacks like kuey and the tradtional muah chee (chinese mochi with peanut) to savory food like the famous lor mee and wonton mee, which garners a long queue most of the time! Most of these stalls have been around for a long period of time, and many of them have received recognition by tv channels, jounalists and foodies.

The food in this hawker centre is priced very reasonably, and some of my favorite foods here include this western stall called London Grill, which serves one of the best chicken chops I've ever had and the soursop juice from Meilock Soursop Juice which is served with tender pieces of soursop meat!

Other than the delicacies offered here, one can also look forward to some shopping at the shops on level 2 as well as enjoy the services offered such as the seamstress and cobbler! If you are visiting Singapore for a first time and am wondering which hawker to visit, this is one not to be missed!

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