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Hawker Centres D dawntillmidnight April 22, 2012 1820
Train your patience in exchange for amazing local delicacies!
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The biggest hawker centre in Singapore,known for its many local fares there.You can easily satisfy all your local food cravings here!Hokkien Mee,Char Kway Teow,Oyster Omelette,Carrot Cake,Satay and Rojak!These are all the very popular dishes you can find here.

I give 5 stars to the local dishes that I mentioned above and trust me,the queues for all these are always tedious.If you are starving with giddiness,please head somewhere else.It is truly a training of endurance to queue for each of these delicacies.The up side is that there are a few different stalls for each type of dish but a waiting time of 10 minutes is considered very normal to people who frequently eat here.Like most hawkers,the area is cramped and humid so take a seat outside if you cannot stand eating and sweating at the same time!

There is no dish that I have been unsatisfied with here and trust my words,I have even tried the crocodile meat dishes here.The only down side for me is that some of the stall-holders can really be rude and arrogant due to the over-popularity of their stall.When informing you the waiting time(could be 30 minutes sometimes!),they would add in rudely,"You can wait not?Cannot wait go other stall,is okay one" with a very stuck-up face and holding their heads in the air when you walk away.

I know their dishes are mouth-watering but it takes more than a plate of good carrot cake to make someone create a good impression of the stall.If the stall-holder is rude to me,I would simply not bother to return there anymore.

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