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delicious food generally, but be prepared to queue and wait for seats
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With a wide variety of food choices to choose from, the Old Airport Road Food Centre is always crowded during mealtimes.

Generally, all the food items there are acceptable, but there are certain ones that are worth travelling to the location for. For food, I like the prawn noodles that is located at the left on the first row, nearer to the main road. I do not usually get prawn, but pork ribs instead. The ingredients used are fresh and the soup is tasty. Rarely, the noodles are overcooked. At the second row on the right side, there is a stall specializing in chee cheong fun and prawn roll. The prawn, mushroom and char siew chee cheong fun are all worth a try as the skin is soft and it melts in my mouth, always. The prawn roll contains a lot of chestnut, which makes it very juicy and crunchy.

For dessert, be prepared to queue for quite awhile for the famous lao ban beancurd. The beancurd is silken soft and melts in my mouth. A good alternative will be fruit juices that are good to wash off the oiliness from the food eaten. There is a stall on the left side on the second row that sells a wide variety of juices and I will get the apple passionfruit. As they do not add water or even much ice into the fruit juice, the drink is full of natural sweetness and it contains real seeds from the passion fruit.

Old Airport Road Food Centre is a great place for a cheap and full meal, and it is preferable to arrive early to get seats, especially when going in a big group.
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