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What is interesting about Old Airport Road food court is the amalgamation of hawker foods and stalls from all over Singapore that it offers.

Take the goreng pisang stall that originated from Geylang Lor 20. For me this was a hit and miss; certain pieces came out incredibly crisp and sweet, while other pieces seemed to have some remnants of the banana peel left on it, which left a bitter and slimy aftertaste on my tongue.

On the other hand, the prawn mee originating from Albert Street was absolutely delicious! I usually dislike this dish, but I just could not get enough of their rich broth and the fresh, succulent prawns. There was none of the usual ‘xing wei’ (as Singaporean Chinese like to term ‘smelly’ seafood) that I often detect in lesser prawn mees.

I would also recommend would be the soursop juice from Meilock Soursop Juice, kway teow from Lao Fu Zi and the yusheng from Xin Mei Congee. It may seem peculiar to order the latter outside of Chinese New Year, but don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it; it’s good enough to be eaten any time of the year.

As far as cleanliness goes, this is definitely your regular hawker centre. Be prepared to sweat incessantly under the sweltering Singaporean heat, but I can confidently say that the food here is worth it. If the humidity is a strong enough deterrent for you, then I would suggest finding a seat along the front of the hawker centre. While they are further from the stalls, these spots are cooler and much more comfortable to sit in.

In all, a delicious melting pot (literally) of Singapore’s most notable dishes, presented in its most genuine state.

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