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Hawker Centres D dawntillmidnight April 22, 2012 1821
Love the carrot cake!
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I visited this place with friends recently, and I tried the carrot cake. (First floor near the bean curd shops.) I could actually literally see the lady preparing the carrot cake in the stall. The food was steaming when I took it back to my table and ate it. It was absolutely delicious and fresh! The chilli was perfectly blended into the cake.

There was virtually no oil in the dish and four dollars for a considerably large plate. I also had the 51 Soyabean Curd and which was cooling but slightly powdery. There’s a very cute bakery opposite the drinks stall on the first floor. It sells animal-shaped pineapple tarts and delicious muffins. Although the place is rather rundown, it’s definitely a place I’ll continue to visit for comfort food. I suggest people visit the place in the late afternoon on a weekday when business is rather slow, even the soybean shops!

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