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Hawker Centres D dawntillmidnight April 22, 2012 1816
Prawn Noodles!! Lao ban?
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I wouldn't normally order prawn noodles when I eat out, but when my friend bought it for me at old airport road, I instantly love it.. Their prawns are really huge! Most importantly their soup is flavorful, it might be a bit salty for some though but it has the taste of prawns. There are more than one prawn noodle store there and I would recommend the one that is near a chicken wing store :)

As for the famous lao ban tau huey I think it is a little overrated. To me it doesn't have the traditional taste nor the soy bean taste. And with the long queue, I wouldn't go to old airport road just for lao ban.

Overall I think Old Airport Road is still a great place to dine in since it is so much larger and less crowded than other popular places like chompchomp. Moreover, there's so much stalls there that you will bound to find something you love :)

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