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Delightful local fare for low prices
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Old Airport Road Food Centre is one of my favourite hawker centres. Situated relatively near my school, this hawker centre is pretty convenient, and I can always find great food here to satiate my hungry stomach after long lessons.

There's a wide range of local food over at Old Airport Road Food Centre, with food options ranging from Chinese cuisine, to even Indian or Japanese cuisine, and is definitely a prime cluster of all the best local foods. After a satisfying main course, diners can even find desserts, with famed stalls like Lao Ban Beancurd to complete their meal.

Personally, I would recommend a Western stall in Old Airport Road known as Holy Grill, which definitely features amazing Western food at an affordable price. I find that their Hickory BBQ Chicken is comparable to that of Astons, and the sides that Holy Grill offers definitely does not lose out to that of Astons. I also enjoy the Fried Oyster Omelette there, as it is definitely one of the best local food, and the stalls over at Old Airport Road serves them up perfectly.

Old Airport Road Food Centre also houses some of the most famous local food stalls, in which queues are always formed, but the food obtained at the end is always worth the torturous wait. For tourists who are unsure about local cuisine, it's safe to just hop in on any long queue at Old Airport Road Food Centre, because the stalls over there definitely hold true to the saying that there's always a queue for good food.

This hawker centre is definitely pretty huge, so there are plenty of seats, and diners usually clear their food within 30minutes to 45 minutes, so it will be pretty easy to find seats, with just a short wait.

I find that Old Airport Road can get a little humid at times, and the ventilation can be a little poor at some areas, so one might find himself sweating all over by the end of his meal. Otherwise, a lovely place to indulge in some sinfully delicious local food.

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