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From sugarcane juice to Hokkien mee to Goreng pisang to Tze char to Chicken rice to Western food to Lor Mee to Fish head bee hoon to Satay, Old Airport road Hawker center is home to some of the best local food stalls. During lunch, dinner and weekends, you might have to queue for up to 30 minutes at the more popular stalls (Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee). Or if you turn up a bit later, say early afternoon during weekends, the more popular stalls might already be preparing to call it a day (Jin Hua Fish Head Bee Hoon).

A perfect meal for me would consist of a plate of roast pork rice, a bowl of fish head soup and a ice cold glass of soursop juice. I cannot recall the name of the roast pork stall, it is located just beside a drinks stall, located in the centre stack with it's back facing the main road. The roast pork is really done perfectly. Crispy skin with just enough fats underneath it and salty, juicy pork, it is drizzled with their sweet sauce which totally complements it. Eat it with the cucumber garnishing, it is such a sinful pleasure. That's why I only have it once a month.

I will not miss the fish head soup from above mentioned stall for anything! The soup base is the main attraction here and not the ingredients. I cannot really put my finger to what makes it taste so good. It's milky, sweet, a little spicy from the sliced ginger and there's a salty aftertaste that has me craving for more.

I like the soursop drink simply because they are generous with their soursop fruit pieces in the drink (ordered from the drinks stall facing the main road). I like chewing through the sour flesh as it is just so refreshing.

Remember to bring your tissue packs to chope seats, otherwise you might have to share tables with other diners!

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