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Hawker Centres L lydia-hunter February 10, 2016 185
Fab food at beyond decent prices
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As a recent student, I am trained to seek out everything at the cheapest price possible. Offers and deals are my BFF, so when I started working and the realisation that I’d have to eat out for lunch everyday unless I prepped food the night before set in. How would I afford it? Will I just have to eat crackers every lunch time? The horror. I knew that Hawkers are always the best option for cheap but delicious lunch options, but as a Veggie I didn’t think there would be that many nearby where I could actually eat. So imagine my relief when I found a mixed rice stall at the super near by Mega Food Court, and it only costs $2.80.

The food is incredible for the price that you pay, and the servings are large enough to keep even someone with a large appetite like me happy. The woman who serves the food doesn’t speak much english, but my technique of pointing and smiling always seems to work. Even though I get the same meal every time, the man who I pay oddly charges me between $2.80 and $3.00 each time, but that’s 20 cents I can really live without.

The Thai Stall is always a favourite, there are only a few veggie options which are lot more expensive than the mixed rice, but they cook it for you fresh and it is still delicious. The stall which sells fresh fruit is always a perfect way to finish a meal, and at just $0.70 for some pineapple, it means I always leave Mega happy.
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