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Hawker Centres D david-tan January 30, 2013 450
Architecture over food
(Updated: February 13, 2014)
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In my opinion, this food centre does not garner its traffic from excellent or cheap food, but rather that it is the only hawker centre that retails food close to hawker prices in the CBD area. That being said, the food is still overpriced compared too that of normal hawker centres. The food there is either average or below the quality of hawker food in other hawker centres, so I would not reccomend anyone who wants to try true local hawker food to go there.

The place is relatively clean and has unique, tasteful architecture, but the ambient environment does not compensate for the not so extraordinary food, and the environment is far from being a true representative of Singapore Hawker culture, hence i suggest to tourists looking to experience eating Hawker food in Singapore to go to the other hawker centres found in the heartlands instead.

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