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Hawker Centres D david-tan January 30, 2013 340
Overly commercialized food centre
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I think this market can be renamed to "Market for Tourists". It is a tourist infested hawker centre and it does not reflect what the 'real' heartland hawker centres are. Yeah... they added a touch of so-called heritage with the architecture and all but seriously, we Singaporeans want nice tasting food with a budget friendly value. Not being in a hawker centre that's trying hard to be 'atas' (a Singlish slang for 'high class). The whole place just feels very fake and unnatural to me. Gave it 1 star for its effort in architecture. After all, we all know that white paint is really hard to maintain!

The only nice thing about here is the smell of satays. I've had satays there and it doesn't even taste as good as it smells. The perk of this place is that it opens till wee hours so you could possibly get your supper fix. But if there are other places to go to, I wouldn't recommend coming to Lau Pa Sat. For genuine hawker food, head down to heartland hawker centres, I promise a satisfying meal! (of course it also depends on what you choose... :P)

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