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Hawker Centres D david-tan January 30, 2013 340
Reminds me of JC days
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Thinking of Lau Pa Sat, reminds me of an incident back in my JC days. It was pretty hilarious, and thinking back now, I find that I was probably just being petty. In short, my friends and I meet at Raffles Place MRT and were supposed to be head towards Victoria Theatre. Initially I guided them in the right direction, and then someone said that I was wrong and it was in the opposite direction. Worse, a few others claim that I was wrong as well. I was pretty pissed and I decided not to argue, and I followed. Of course, we happily walked until we reached Lau Pa Sat before they realised we were walking in the wrong direction, and I went I told you so.

Since then, I only went back to Lau Pa Sat a couple of times. It was not really for the food, but I just happened to be there. Frankly, Lau Pa Sat, despite as long history, looked basically just like a typical food court, with one difference. The prices were much higher than others yet the food quality was about the same. It used to be a place I would go for nice satay and good local food, but this had largely been taken over with bigger and air-conditioned places such as Food Republic.

It's being a long time since I went back there, and I wondered if the place still looks the same and whether there is still a resemblance of satay club there in the evening. It's probably one of the oldest building still there since Raffles developed the area.

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