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Hawker Centres B bxbong September 25, 2012 1482
(Updated: November 14, 2012)
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I finally used thesmartlocal to good use for once. Mister X and I wanted to go to Hougang for dinner that night. I remembered seeing KPT Coffeeshop on thesmartlocal, hence I searched up on it and we decided to go there. Such a coincidence that both of us knows about this coffee shop but had forgotten about its existence. Well, thanks to thesmartlocal, KPT has resurfaced into our memories.

We tried the Fried Egg Omelet with oyster there. It has more egg than oysters in the dish, different from the regular Fried Oyster Egg. There was a shop selling wanton mee of which we ordered a bowl as well. The wanton mee was mixed well with its gravy and the noodles was not too soft nor too hard, just the right chewiness. The fried egg omelet was not really that favorable with us, probably because we are not used to this dish. Nonetheless, it was a filling and satisfying meal. I was also pleased to see posters around the coffee shop, reminding patrons to keep their volumes down after 11pm, which made the coffee shop seemed very considerate.

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