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179 Kopitiam

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For the night owls craving for local food during unearthly hours, fret not, for 179 Kopitiam is around to satisfy your hunger. Situated right beside Pioneer MRT, this coffee shop is well known to most students of the nearby Nanyang Technological University and residents of the area. Many stalls in this coffee shop remain open late into the night around 4 AM on a daily basis, while a few even operate 24 hours. 179 Kopitiam possesses stalls serving a large variety of typical Singaporean dishes like fish soup, porridge, char siew noodle, economical rice, fried kuay tiao, chicken rice, and even Halal food like roti prata and putu mayam.

One famous stall is the bee hoon stall, or more commonly referred to as "ah lian bee hoon" due to the demeanor of a female worker there. One can expect a long queue to form at that stall during lunchtime peak hours. The drinks stall also serves traditional half boiled eggs after breakfast hours at anytime of the day. Or night. It is great having a close to 24 hours coffee shop around if you happen to live in or frequent the west side of Singapore. Not only is it convenient if a late-night supper or hunger pang strikes, 179 Kopitiam also serves to bring an eclectic blend of cheap, local food under a small roof.


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