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Food Courts D david-tan November 03, 2012 457
(Updated: December 03, 2013)
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I've only been to 2 food republics so far: the vivo outlet and the one in 313. I must say, the food here is seriously overpriced. A nasi lemak can go up to 6 or 7 dollars depending on what you order : something that will never happen in hawker centres (unless of course, you buy almost all the food or something).

My favourites from the vivo outlet would be the beef noodles but it's called dao xiao mian or something (shaved flour into soup). The soup is extremely flavourful and the serving of beef is pretty generous too. The other would be the healthy lei cha fan.313's outlet has one of the best yong tau foo I've tasted. Expensive but though I'm not a soup person, I actually finished the soup from that food republic! It tastes like prawn mee soup heh. Mad love for that.

The whole place is also aesthetically pleasing and well lit and it has more varieties than alny other FR I suppose! Try the scissors cut mixed veg rice too!
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