Red House Seafood Restaurant

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Red House Seafood Restaurant
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Blk 1204, #01-05 East Coast Seafood Centre, East Coast Parkway
Singapore 449 882 Tel: +65 6442 3112 Fax: +65 6444 1332

Located along the riverfront with great view for the dinners while enjoying the wide spread of seafood choices available. They were from East Coast Road and relocated here in 1986. Well known for their freshest seafood dishes.


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(Updated: June 15, 2013)
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Jumbo is marked up 20% above the price of normal hawker seafood restaurants. For the quality they serve, their prices are somewhat justifiable. Now RedHouse is about 20% the price of Jumbo. For pricing like that you would expect no less top quality food. Instead what you get is no doubt decent food, but food that is in my opinion inferior to Longbeach, No SignBoard and Jumbo.

So their marked up prices really puzzles me. Perhaps they cater to the people who believe more $ = better quality. And they seem to be popular with the ang moh / expat crowd, who aren't very knowledgeable in local food so that kinda confirms it. I've tried them twice. The first to check them out, the second to give them another chance. And the third, well is not going to happen.

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Robertson Walk
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Avoid festive period else its good
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Went to Red House twice and both times I left longing for more. The drunken prawns soup were thick and fragrant, but the prawns were much smaller than usual. The cereal prawns has some that were not too fresh as the shell clings onto the flesh. The roasted chicken was tender and not as juicy.

The only redeeming factor was the chili crab and the butter crab, though were smaller than the previous 1kg we ordered but they were fresh and the sauce of the chili crab was just awesome. The Ee-Fu noodles were done just right not too saucy nor dry.

Overall we concluded that the festive period is not a great time to go as the standard stays, the quantity shrinks. Such as the crabs developed heavier shells, what a crap excuse. The Muslim and vegetarian food are also not their strength so avoid those selection if you can.

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