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Lunch: 12.00pm to 2.15pm everyday (Close on Saturdays) Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.15pm everyday

Regardless of country or continent, food and wine are always on Michael’s mind. In 1995 he became an accidental restaurateur. It was in his early years in Singapore where he discovered that the Singapore dining scene was dominated by large hotels with restaurants that lacked variety while the mid to lower level of dining made for an unfulfilled palate. Always passionate about food and wine, an idea sparked within. Michael believed that a commitment to customer service excellence in addition to the use of the highest quality ingredients and innovative menus would be a recipe for success. With his vision to modernize the Singapore dining scene he established his first restaurant, Michelangelo’s. Michaels’ true passion is in the bottle, the wine bottle that is. Michelangelo’s award winning wine list as comprehensive as it is reasonably priced. Arguably Asia’s best wine program, the same dedication and passion goes into every selection. The acclaimed Wine Spectator Magazine has perennially awarded his restaurants with their “Best of Excellence Award”; something very few Singapore restaurants have achieved.

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