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High End Restaurants P primate April 04, 2013 508
Super yummy peking duck
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I was treated to Peking Duck recently, and it turned out it was at this restaurant. I've only had Peking Duck a few times prior to this, and in small servings. I knew I loved it from the first time I tried it, but I rarely got the chance to eat it.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was quite lively, I saw lots of Chinese families having lunch there. Needless to say, every table had peking duck. Once the food started to arrive, the waiter came out with the whole duck and started cutting it on a separate trolley-table beside our table. It was quite the show. The first few pieces of crispy duck skin was served to us on the table, where we also had popiah skin, sauce and some vegetables to make a roll with the peking duck. The crispy skin was divine, cooked to perfection. The whole duck was very enjoyable, and eating them in rolls made for a fun lunch experience. There were also other small dishes to accompany our lunch, like the golden fried white bait fish which was so light and fluffy with a hint of fish taste.

I would definitely come back here again. I think it's quite costly, but worth every penny.

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