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Fries in a new context
(Updated: December 25, 2012)
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Perhaps the fries are not the cheapest you can find anywhere, but one thing is for sure, they are unique. Compared to the regular fast food fries(except mos burger), these fries are unique in the aspect that they are thick cut, somewhat like the ones you find in swensen's, and not the regular skinny fires.

The quality of the potatoes is commendable, which gives them a special taste beyond fluffy, greasy and being crisp. The fries are soft in the centre and crisp on the outside, which makes it have a feel of restaurant quality fries.

The sauces are special, and some are developed from scratch. My favourites are the grab a crab(chilli crab) and the What's up babe(wasabi mayo) sauces, both which are not too spicy but rather mild but tasty at the same time. Despite how good the standard fires are,the curly fries are something like McDonald's not that special on its own.

Prepare for a wait if you patronise them, for they only cook your food upon order, which takes about 3-5 minutes to cook per order. I would also advise takeaways, since their chairs are not very comfortable and space is tight.

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