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Bento sets accompanying me
(Updated: October 17, 2012)
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Talking about ToriQ will bring me and my friends back to our preparation for 'O' level period. With lessons ending late and canteen stalls closing, or being simply bored of school food, we will usually take a 20 to 30 min bus ride to Tampines Mall for ToriQ. The bento sets were, at that time, stress relieving food and rewards for ourselves for all the mugging throughout the week. As we have lessons back in school in the evening, we will take away the bento sets and savour in the delicious meat balls at either the open space garden at Tampines 1 (opposite Tampines Mall) or just back in school. Miraculously, we could eat the sets week after week and not be sick of it. (Well, they have a variety of sticks to choose from!)

I like their purple ginger the most as the sweet and sour taste, or rather, the unique taste goes best with their slightly sticky rice. Thinking about it makes me drool... The sticks and bento sets are sold at reasonably affordable price even for students. The staffs were friendly and recommend their best-selling sticks which never fail to satisfy our taste buds.

The only thing I can complain about is the high calories of the slightly oily sauce. It is quite unhealthy to eat is on regular basis for someone who doesn't exercise regularly. Luckily for us, we are sporty people which enable us to eat abit more with lesser guilt.
Do remember to drink lots of water to replenish all the water loss as well since the sticks can get a little too salty for good.

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