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Savory bites for a quick snack
(Updated: October 17, 2012)
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Tori Q is one of my favorite snack stalls to visit when I'm feeling peckish. The sticks of chicken, meatballs or vegetables are affordably priced around $1-$2. My favorite would be the meatball stick which has 3 meatballs drenched in the yummy savory sauce that goes so well together. My mother often buys the bento set home for my dinner when she has no time to cook. Upon microwaving it, the meat is still tender after a few hour.

The stall assistants can be a bit curt at times as it can get busy. Most of the times I'm served quickly but without a smile or friendly words.

Some of the outlets have seats where you can sit down and enjoy your food. But if you want to eat it on the go, its easy to eat as they give the stick to you in a plastic bag. Be careful though, the stick is often stained with the sauce so your fingers might get dirty. Or you can do as I do, lick the yummy sauce right off your fingers!

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