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Fast Food A alleys-scavenger April 24, 2012 2321
Worth the money, and fills your tummy!
(Updated: October 17, 2012)
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Tori Q specializes in Japanese yakitori, such as chicken balls or tori karaage on a stick. Each stick includes about 3 or a long strip of the item. Different items cost different prices.

You can always come to Tori Q is you are looking for an afternoon meaty snack and purchase one or more of their yakitori, and even top up with rice (and an additional cost for miso soup if you'd like) if you want a full meal. You can even sit inside their small eatery provided they provide seats and tables (am unsure if every outlet provides tables and chairs).

If you cannot decide what to eat, you can always settle for their value-for-money set meals! Each set comes with different items and rice, and it is cheaper than buying a few pieces of yakitori then topping up the rice. I believe that 3 to 4 sticks of yakitori with rice will definitely be enough to fill up your tummies! If it is not enough, get a drink or a cup of miso soup. Maybe that will help!

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Hougang Mall
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