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Tori Q Hot
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juicy meat with tasty sauce
(Updated: October 17, 2012)
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Although under the same parent company as Takopachi, the quality of Tori-Q is a far cry from that of Takopachi's. It is not an uncommon sight to see kids looking at the Tori-Q dipping sauce machine at Takashimaya, even I look at it sometimes. The meat are machine dipped into a deep pool of special sauce before hand-grilled to tender perfection. I love the chicken skewered meat here and I love the sauce even more. It's not your normal teppanyaki sauce, it is a special mixture that blends in harmony with the tender meat. Meat sold are always sold warm or piping hot. At < $2 a skewer, it is definitely an affordable snack to have if you are not too hungry for a full meal. The queue moves fast and service is always good. Service staffs are friendly and efficient!

I have even heard of people using the Tori Q sauce to fry noodle or rice, I guess it's really that addictive! They have a wide variety of meat including chicken and pork. If I am not wrong, quail eggs are also available as well.

Another thing that I love would be the chicken skin! I love eating chicken skin but I do not know of other places except Tori Q that sells chicken skins. The chicken skins are arranged neatly on the skewers and are grilled to perfect crispiness after being dipped in the signature sauce. I love the chicken skins and I would often buy it home to have it together with dinner. If you are on the search for the perfect chicken skin, do try the Tori Q ones! And if you know of any good deep-fried chicken skins on sticks, I'd be so happy to know! But before I find any places that sell good quality chicken skins with a nice sauce over them, I would have my fix at Tori-Q.

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