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What could rice and skewered meat do in a metropolitan place like Singapore? Well, quite a lot of impact actually.

Tori Q has been a favourite of mine since I first lay eyes on it 2 years back before entering the army. It was a simple meal; warm rice with skewered meat which my cousin introduced to me then.

My favourite and habitual order was their Bento A and if I happen to be feeling rich that day, I would add a couple of pork Asparagus. That is really to queue for with its crunchy asparagus and timely cooked pork which for your information does not give off a stale scent. Bento A itself is a great lunch set itself with 2 sliced chicken sticks, 1 sliced pork stick and 1 chicken ball stick. And it is really one of the few fast food which does not compromise with its food quality.

The automated grilling machine is an opening sight for me and it ensures that the meat are all cooked thoroughly with the dipping sauce to free the employees to trim the burnt ends off the meat. This appeals to me as a customer to see how detailed the employees are to their product and how efficient it is to see a queue of 5 people vanish in less than 5 minutes with smiles on each of their faces.

Definitely it will remain in my eatery books for hopefully years to come and is always a second option when I'm in the paragon vicinity.

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Pork with Asparagus
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