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Tori Q Hot
Fast Food A alleys-scavenger April 24, 2012 2323
Cheapest Yakitori in town
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Tori-Q is a mid-range restaurant in Singapore that specialises in Yakitori. It has a few outlets in Singapore and they are all situated in prime locations such as Paragon, Junction 8 and Hougang Mall.

Besides selling Yakitori sticks (eg, chicken, pork, quail eggs) customers have to option of adding rice for $1 as well as adding miso soup. While the bento boxes and food packets are disposable, Tori-Q provides tables and seats for customers to enjoy a quick meal. I love Tori-Q as their food are flavourful and taste pretty authentic.

While the Yakitori they serve is cheaper than those in restaurants and taste only slightly inferior, it is still not cheap. A bento box consisting of only 4 sticks of Yakitori cost at least $5.80. However, if you are simply looking for a quick Japanese meal, this is the place to go as the staff are extremely efficient.
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