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Fast Food A alleys-scavenger April 24, 2012 2321
Affordable and hence mediocre.
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Tori Q has a good many branches all over Singapore - heartland malls, city malls, you name it. Their branches are always distinctly identifiable through the smell of their yakitori cooking and their open kitchen concept which facilitates the wafting of their food's smell. A good marketing strategy indeed.

When it comes to the yakitori itself, it doesn't disappoint, but I wouldn't go as far as to call it 'good' yakitori. There are plenty of izakaya restaurants in Singapore that offer better quality skewers (albeit at higher prices). However, you get what you pay for here - at just over $1 for most skewers, the flavour of the meat in whatever skewer you order is rich. The texture - less so.

My personal favorite are their Chicken Balls, which I find to be rather unique to them as not many other places offer skewered chicken balls (particularly those which taste as good as the ones here). At an affordable $1.40, I'd recommend a try.

They also offer bento sets, which can serve as surprisingly filling lunches. A generous set would set (pun intended) you back around $6, though you do have to go through the trouble of pulling the meat of the skewers yourself. There are certainly more affordable or value for money options but I suppose if you have a craving for Japanese Skewered Meat (in, or out of bento sets), Tori Q is the place for you to go.

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