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Definitely fresh!
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Subway is a fast food chain that could be found in most shopping centres. In Junior College times, I remember my friend bringing me to Subway for the first time. I was quite apprehensive initially, as I am dubious of how a sandwich full of vegetables can actually taste good? But am I glad for my friend's introduction to Subway, because ever since then I fell in love with it! Every time I feel like having a healthy plus delicious meal, I will definitely choose Subway!

In Subway, it works such that you move down the queue slowly, as you choose the kind of bread, the kind of sandwich, whether you want it toasted, vegetables and sauces in order. There is quite a variety of sandwiches available and my favourites are Cold Cut Trio, Egg Mayo and Subway Melt! You can also request for more cheese and meat with additional top-up of $1 or so. Set meals are available too, where you can add on a drink and 2 cookies or a pack of chips. Recently, they brought in yogurt too so you can also choose that to add on to your set meal. If you are a student, then you are in for a good deal. Students can enjoy student meals in the noon, where set meals only cost around $4.90 to $5.90 when normal meals cost around $7 to $9.

However, I find that most Subway outlets do not have a lot of seats available. It would be perfect if there are more seats as eating sandwiches is a messy affair and one cannot simply eat as he walks (for me at least). So, eat fresh now and get your veggies fix here!
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