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Fast Food F farshafarsha April 05, 2012 1012
Good food, bad franchise
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I love Subway in general because it offers variety, health and can be suited to however way I like it! However, the Subway that I frequent because of its convenient location has made me more than once displeased and frustrated.

When it first opened, I remember patronizing it eagerly only to be greeted by a long beeline of angry customers who rolled their eyes at the slow service of the staff.

I initially gave them the benefit of doubt, believing that it was merely because they were new and inexperienced. I believed that with time, they would improve in their service and efficiency.

However, they gave me disappointment as despite stabilizing for a while now, the service is still as inefficient. Many a times the staff seem like their taking their own sweet time to serve (or even walk to the counters), and unlike other branches I have been to, they clearly do not uphold the name of it being called a "fast food" joint.

I really love Subway, but this branch has really failed in standards and it is advised to only visit at non-peak hours whereby you can have the entire service staff to yourself, but if you are the impatient kind, you might still feel frustration from their seemingly dilly-dally actions.

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