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Fast Food F farshafarsha April 05, 2012 986
Eat Healthy! (or not)
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Subway is always the place I go to for a healthy, non greasy and light meal. I personally do not enjoy strong tastes in my food, and subway serves just that. The $5 meals are rather affordable and value for money, though i do find the other choices of subs a little too pricey, especially the ones in the premium range.

Besides sandwiches, Subway is also known for their chewy cookies, with the more popular flavor being double chocolate chip and white chocolate macadamia cookies. Do take note though, that if your reason for eating subway is to opt for a healthier option, you should probably not buy their cookies, as they are simply irresistible!

Furthermore, I find the nutritional content for different types of subs provided on Subway's website extremely useful, especially for those who are trying to lose weight or counting their calories. I am able to track the my calorie intake in a matter of seconds, and this often helps me in deciding which sub to get.

For first timers, the ordering process can be a little daunting, as it would require you to be sure of what you want in your sub (ingredients, sauce, etc). Hence, if you are ordering for the first time, do be very clear of what sub you want-- what type of bread, ingredients, sauce, whether to make it a meal or not.

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