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Fast Food F farshafarsha April 05, 2012 1012
As healthy as fast food gets
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Subway is my go to place for comfort food. The conventional big M does not do it for me, considering the many controversies and what not shrouding it.

Not Subway. While it is not really a “healthier choice” per say, it is, among the fast food chains in Singapore. Like many others, I thought subs were healthy due to the amount of greens that goes into each sandwich. This notion is not entirely invalid, since it looks pretty substantial as compared to other fast food meals.

However, the truth is that the layers of ham and other processed meat basically off sets the nutritional value of the vegetables. How did I know? I downloaded a diet watch app which essentially calculates my calories haha.

Even so, I would still turn to subway for an occasional indulgence. It taste soooo good. The warm toasted bread with fresh greens and enough ham to satisfy that salt craving…

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