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(Updated: May 06, 2012)
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The food at Subway is always fresh, and made-to-order in front of you. You get to see the whole process to ensure what you are eating is what you are looking at. My personal favourite would be the Cold Cut Trio meat sandwiched in between Hearty Italian bread drizzled with honey mustard and sweet onion sauce. The portion of meat cuts is definitely generous! The meal is priced at $5 all-day along with other featured flavors. You get a 6-inch sub with a regular-sized drink. You can add a dollar to get a cookie of your choice, a cup of yogurt or a packet of mini-sized chips. You also get to choose which vegetables you wish to have more or which you wish to have less or none The type of bread and the type of sauces. Mixing of two or more sauces is also allowed. It is as flexible as it gets.

Together with a drink, you can choose between cookies or chips to complete the meal. I always choose cookies as their soft, moist and chewy cookies are right up my alley. My favorites are the oatmeal raisin flavour and white chocolate macadamia nut flavour.

The whole atmosphere is very inviting. The wafting smell of the toasted bread, the fresh smells of cookies and the whole color coordination of the place. The service personnel are also courteous and clean-up the place promptly. The whole process of making the sandwich might take a little longer than your usual fast-food but the whole process of customization is one that is greatly appreciated and liked by many.
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